Tropical Storm Cindy Lands: Causes Overflows in the Florida Panhandle

It’s expected to be a busy season for storms as flash floods recently covered parts of the Florida Panhandle. A Tropical Storm named Cindy has let herself be known. Across the Panhandle, flooding amounted to closed roads and beaches, downed trees and sewer overflows. Cindy takes names later, causes calamity first as she also makes landfall along the Texas and Louisiana border. Even more rain is expected in the coming days, as well as tropical storm force winds extending more

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Jacksonville Offers Residents a Strategy for Sewer System Renewal

The city of Jacksonville, as well as cities such as St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, have been compiling successful projects to better their sewer system and nearby waterways.  Surveys and analysis have been a factor in determining how much it would cost to treat a portion of the city’s wastewater stream- such as washing machines, tubs, and toilets throughout the city- in more creative ways that are better for the environment than going into the River. Heightened research has allowed

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Jacksonville Devises Plan to Avoid Sewer Overflow Damage

Many Florida cities are strategizing the best plan of action for their water systems as the hurricanes of last year overextended the collections systems on Florida’s east coast. The City of Jacksonville is devising the best strategy to bring new life to their sewer infrastructures. Throughout the following five years, a multi-million dollar project will ensue which will primarily involve a sewer rehabilitation overhaul project.  The plan will include installing backup generators at more pumping stations after power failures caused

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Jacksonville’s Well-Defined Strategy for Renewal of Water Systems

When Hurricane Matthew whirled in, a substantial burden was placed on the aging collections systems of Florida’s east coast. Within the last several months, a series of essential repairs became necessary in several areas of the state. In Melbourne, a broken sewer pipe which sent approximately 300,000 gallons of raw sewage into the Eau Gallie River is in the process of being rehabilitated as the river flows to the Indian River Lagoon, creating an environmental concern. An undetermined amount of the

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Full Steam Ahead! Check Out Perma-Liner Industries 2016 Events Line Up!!

Undoubtedly, you are still enjoying the many highlights that this time of year brings, but as the glory days of summer begin to wane, no worries! We’ve got some exciting events scheduled for you and they’re coming up right around the corner. Mark your calendars for these informative trade shows that you won’t want to miss! First up, Perma-Liner Industries is pleased to announce we’ll be in Milwaukee on September 12-13th for the WEQ Fair. This is the place to

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Algae-Blooms Along Florida’s Coastline Create Crisis

There are many waterways in Florida and a plethora of beautiful beaches that draw the attention of residents and tourist, alike. Unfortunately, the massive algae blooms have become a growing concern due to contamination and pollutants in lakes, rivers and even beaches along Florida’s east coast. So much so that a state of emergency was recently called along Florida’s coastline with the current algae bloom affecting the region being attributed to discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee is the largest

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St. Petersburg Sewers Inundated from Local Storm

For residents in the St. Petersburg and surrounding cities, it’s been a rainy few weeks. Recently, a sewer overflow occurred due to stormy weather. The storm filled leaky pipes with water, doubling the normal amount of flow into the city’s sewer plants. This created a need for the city to pump at least two million gallons into Tampa Bay. A mixture of partially treated sewage, rainwater, groundwater and storm water will be pumped by a pipe about a quarter-of-a-mile into

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St. Augustine: Oldest City, Older Sewer Infrastructure

The city of St. Augustine, located on the northeast coast of Florida, has sustained a greater amount of sewer system overflows, in part, due to its aging infrastructure. St. Augustine has had 18 sanitary sewer overflows in the past several months. While a lesser amount of 8 to10 spills is not uncommon within a year. Several of those spills were related to heavy rains, some were from power failures, blockages, a faulty meter and equipment failures. The largest of the

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Florida’s Lagoon and Wetlands: Ecological Adherence

Florida has many areas of water that can become polluted; requiring residents to make an increased effort on behalf of the environment. Rivers and streams drain into estuaries, bringing in nutrients from uplands. As long as nutrient-rich freshwater flows and tides interact without interference, estuaries will remain productive. Today, they remain one of our greatest natural resources. If you live along the estuary, there are several ways residents can be proactive.  There are ongoing volunteer efforts in place to ensure

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Jacksonville’s Cooperative for Septic Tank Removal

The city of Jacksonville and the Sewer Department (JEA) have a current objective to each spend $15 million over the next five years to reduce the number of septic tanks, particularly those that could pollute area waterways. There are tens of thousands of septic tanks within the city of Jacksonville. The Sewer Department will pay the $15 million in a lump sum to the city for water and sewer infrastructure. The city is slowly trying to reduce the number of

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