St. Augustine: Oldest City, Older Sewer Infrastructure

The city of St. Augustine, located on the northeast coast of Florida, has sustained a greater amount of sewer system overflows, in part, due to its aging infrastructure. St. Augustine has had 18 sanitary sewer overflows in the past several months. While a lesser amount of 8 to10 spills is not uncommon within a year. Several of those spills were related to heavy rains, some were from power failures, blockages, a faulty meter and equipment failures. The largest of the recent overflows was an 18,000-gallon spill caused by a faulty meter that caused a discharge into a waterway. Recently, state environmental officials completed a consent agreement intended to minimize sewer spills. In response to this, the city is planning a number of projects to rectify these overflows. Additionally, equipment and instrumentation replacements will take place at a lift station. More than $990,000 for sewer infrastructure upgrades has been budgeted for this year. In strategizing for the best course of action to address and prevent future spills, the city has devised a Corrective Action Plan based on current assessments. Included in the plan, will be an analysis of which areas in the city’s sewer system need further rehabilitation. St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States.

If you reside in Florida and would like to attend a sustainable event, located in historic downtown St. Augustine, Flagler College will host a conference in July. The theme will be on the effects of climate change. The coast of Florida represents the transition between temperate and tropical zones where the pressures of climate change are especially visible. The discussion topic will focus, specifically, on the causes and consequences of the tropical vegetation ecosystem in response to an ever-changing climate.

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