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Tropical Storm Cindy Lands: Causes Overflows in the Florida Panhandle


It’s expected to be a busy season for storms as flash floods recently covered parts of the Florida Panhandle. A Tropical Storm named Cindy has let herself be known. Across the Panhandle, flooding amounted to closed roads and beaches, downed trees and sewer overflows. Cindy takes names later, causes calamity first as she also makes landfall along the Texas and Louisiana border. Even more rain is expected in the coming days, as well as tropical storm force winds extending more than 400 miles.

When it rains, it inevitably places a strain on the city’s sewer system. With the wastewater collection system overwhelmed with storm water and groundwater, the massive storm not only resulted in sewer overflows with a health advisory, but power outages and flooding were also a result of the storm. Subsequently, an estimated 1,500 gallons overflowed into a storm drainage system, discharging into a lake, which can ultimately discharge into Cinco Bayou. Fortunately, the city was successful at containing the overflow, eliminating public health repercussions, although heavy rain is expected to continue along the Gulf Coast.

Did you know? Yes, we know it’s hurricane season throughout Florida. But have you prepared a disaster kit? Always a good idea to be ready when such a time occurs. When compiling necessary items, remember to keep a gallon of water per person, per day for at least several days. A few other suggested items include a first aid kit, a good supply of non-perishables (also a few days’ worth), and a flashlight. This list is not all-inclusive but it’ll help you begin your strategy when a natural disaster strikes. Additionally, it’s best to map-out an evacuation plan in advance.

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