Jacksonville Offers Residents a Strategy for Sewer System Renewal

The city of Jacksonville, as well as cities such as St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, have been compiling successful projects to better their sewer system and nearby waterways.  Surveys and analysis have been a factor in determining how much it would cost to treat a portion of the city’s wastewater stream- such as washing machines, tubs, and toilets throughout the city- in more creative ways that are better for the environment than going into the River. Heightened research has allowed for the implementation of projects currently in the making.  As the city endeavors to make better use of its wastewater, this will also include the use of a tank to hold more treated wastewater, as well as a swap rehydration project.  Jacksonville and Florida cities, in general, have sustained a large amount water damage due to frequent and heavy storms. Additionally, clogged sewer pipes or pipes blocked by tree roots have been an ongoing dilemma and have led to sewer damage.  Due to the vast amount of residences needing restoration, the city has engineered a program for the purpose of assisting homeowners who have been affected by water or sewer damage. The three services being offered currently are water damage restoration, flood damage restoration, and sewer damage restoration. Are you in need of sewer damage repair? Perma-liner Industries is here for you! We realize your time is valuable and any amount of productivity lost due to water or sewer damage is money lost for the business affected by the damage. Call us to schedule an appointment- 866-336-2568 or go online to www.perma-liner.com. We offer services locally and nationwide and will help you set an appointment with a certified, highly qualified service professional in your area.

Jacksonville, did you know? The city is currently in the design phase of a multi-million dollar project in order to eliminate the failing septic tanks that have contributed to contaminated waterways. A neighborhood meeting will be planned to keep residents informed of the progression.


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