Jacksonville Devises Plan to Avoid Sewer Overflow Damage

Many Florida cities are strategizing the best plan of action for their water systems as the hurricanes of last year overextended the collections systems on Florida’s east coast. The City of Jacksonville is devising the best strategy to bring new life to their sewer infrastructures. Throughout the following five years, a multi-million dollar project will ensue which will primarily involve a sewer rehabilitation overhaul project.  The plan will include installing backup generators at more pumping stations after power failures caused

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Jacksonville’s Beaches Implement Sewer Projects

Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach have undertaken major road and sewage projects, including a large portion of First Street in both communities.  Property values in Jacksonville Beach have increased 7.9 percent in the last year which leads to a revenue for the City that can be translated into improvements projects. Jacksonville Beach is financially stable and on schedule to be debt-free by 2020. The city has received a $30.2 million state grant for First Street drainage improvements. In an estimated

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