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Florida Cities Offer Sewer Connection Assistance


Many Cities throughout Florida participate in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) to fund and administer the Sewer Connection Assistance Program. The program assists eligible homeowners who live in neighborhoods impacted by the City’s septic to central sewer system program. The funds may be used to pay costs associated with connection to the sewer system, including:  City impact fees, City special assessment fees, private plumber sewer system connection fees. Up to $12,000 per housing unit is available, in the form of a deferred payment, zero percent interest loan secured by a mortgage on the property. Loans will be forgiven in full after the completion of a seven-year term. Residence must be owner-occupied.  Residence must be a single family home in a neighborhood which is being converted from septic to sewer by the City.

Assessed value of the residence cannot exceed $386,202. The applicant household cannot have assets exceeding $25,000. This includes cash, stocks, bonds, investment accounts and real estate (excluding the primary residence). Qualified retirement accounts must be disclosed by applicants and verified but will not be included in the $25,000 asset cap. The homeowner must execute a contract with a licensed plumber and connect within six months of the assessment in order for the connection fees to be paid by SHIP funds. Once this has been done, SHIP funds will also be used to pay the City’s impact and special assessment fees.


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